Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming payment integration processes

Zapof Forms no-code payment integration helps you add card payment to your forms

As online forms become an increasingly popular way for customers to interact with businesses, the need for a payment integration option becomes more apparent. A variety of payment integrations are available, but traditional payment integration methods require coding and can be difficult to set up. But there is a new way to collect payments without the hassle of integration tasks—no-code payment forms.

No-code payment integration for online forms can be a real timesaver when you need to accept payments on your website. Zapof Forms provides a gateway to card payment without coding. You can add a payment form to your website in minutes and start accepting payments right away.

Zapof Forms also offers a wide range of features, including a built-in spreadsheet for your order form table, subscription forms, and drag-and-drop form builder. You can even use Zapof Forms to accept payments in multiple currencies.

Zapof partners with Stripe and PayPal as the payment provider. Stripe and PayPal are well-known and trusted payment processors. However, integrating Stripe and PayPal API is a challenge and requires programming knowledge that many of us do not have nor want to invest in time and money. Fortunately, Zapof Forms has done all the API integration to our powerful online forms. You can create online forms and collect payment in minutes!

Besides quick and easy setup of payment facility, Zapof Forms provides an intuitive form builder that provides a built-in spreadsheet with compatible Excel functions, conditional logic using a formula, table that supports many data types, and vast library of question types and elements. No complex requirements seem too difficult to tackle using Zapof form builder. In other words, it can handle just about any business requirement you throw at it.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to add payment processing to your online forms, Zapof Forms is a great option.

The following video shows how easy and quick to set up card payment facility for online forms. It uses a conference registration form with input fields for name, email, contact, address, and a table for topic selections. It calculates the total with a discount when the user chooses more selection. And the final total includes an optional networking dinner fee.

It shows connecting to the Stripe payment processor in a few simple steps with no coding at all.

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