Never Lose a Lead with Conditional Payment

Do you know that more than half of online orders were abandoned without ever being completed?

We have all been there, for various reasons. We did not complete the payment when we shopped online. The number one reason is expensive shipping. The next two reasons digital shoppers abandon their carts are ‘Only Browsing’ and ‘Only Researching.’ Let’s admit it, we often make a comparison or do some research before we make our final decision to purchase the products or services.

Many digital orders do not involve physical goods and do not require shipping. These online orders make the ‘Only Browsing’ and ‘Only Researching’ the top reasons online orders are abandoned.

Unlike shopping cart, online form does not always require payment, and the submitted data is as important as the payment itself. You use online forms for event registrations, seminars, service bookings, digital goods subscriptions, and for many other business activities. Each form submission is an opportunity for us to build a relationship with our customers and requiring payment on our online forms should not stop our potential customers from reaching us.

If your goal is somewhere in between generating leads and accepting payment, it is always a good idea to make payment optional. It is an even better idea that we make our forms ‘smart enough’ to decide whether payment is required or give something for free, depending on the answers. For those visitors who are ‘Only Browsing’ or ‘Only Researching,’ your forms might even provide what they are looking for!
Primary reason for digital shoppers in the USA to abandon their carts in 2016 and 2017

Our forms allow you to set payment as conditional in your forms. You can provide a checkbox to the users to tick to indicate whether they want to submit with or without the payment. You can also use formula or conditional logic for the form to automatically determines whether payment is required. For example, you can set a conditional logic that only requires payment if the user selects premium products or services.

Enabling conditional payment for your online forms is simple. Choose the option in the payment settings and enter the formula or conditional logic, whether the submission requires payment. Submitting the form only requires payment when the formula or conditional logic returns 1.

In the following example, the form submission proceeds without payment when the user only selects the free online magazine. When the respondent chooses any of the non-free magazines, the form submission requires payment. To try the payment option in this live example, you can use the test card numbers 4242424242424242, any three-digit CVC code, any billing ZIP code, such as 42424, and expiration date in the future.

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