Zapof form platform and form builder reduces complex tasks of creating a form into simple steps of adding questions and web elements and choosing their settings.

Zapof Form Builder - simple to use, fast and powerful form builder to create online forms in minutes.

We make our form builder simple to use and yet powerful, to create all kinds of forms with functionalities you want for your work, businesses, schools, clubs or personal use.

These are some of the use cases for us to get the ideas how we can use our form builder.

“I want to give a discount to my customers when they choose over two products.”

Thanks to our built-in spreadsheet with over 500 built-in functions, we can tackle this with a simple formula that calculates total payment:

SUM (D1:D5) - IF ( SUM (B1:B5) > 2, 50, 0)

We only need to add a table, its columns with correct data types, enter the description, and add formulas for the sub-totals and total, and we get this:

Choose your orders:
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5

“I want to ask the student’s medical condition when the parent gives consent for
immunization at school.”

To do this, add a checkbox question and a text input field with a formula to show or hide the text input based on the checkbox answer:

IF ( QUESTION1 = 1, 1, 0)

This formula means if the parent ticks the checkbox question (QUESTION1), the formula returns 1, which shows the text input asking the medical condition. Otherwise, it skips asking about the medical condition.

Do you permit your child to be immunized at school?

“To promote my brand, I want my brand logo as a background on the form.”

Adding background to a form while maintaining the legibility is always a challenge, but our form builder makes this task a breeze. Simply upload the logo, add the blur effect and a transparent overlay to increase the legibility, and adjust the font color—white font color for dark transparent overlay or dark font color for white transparent overlay. And it’s done.

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“My company wants to put up an online job application form. I need a table for employment history with upload facility for employer reference file.”

A table with an upload button on the cell? You got it. Our form builder supports our table element with 12 data types. Add a table with columns for company name, from and to date, referee name, and the column with upload file data type for the employer reference. Add few blank rows and enable the setting to allow the applicant to add or remove the rows. It only took minutes to create the employment history table!

Employment history:

We could go on... but we decide to let you explore... 😃

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