Are you tired of dealing with duplicate form submissions?

Zapof Forms comes to the rescue with no-duplicate form submission
Some companies are tired of dealing with duplicate form submissions. Losing potential customers is bad enough, but the frustration of having to deal with tedious form-processing can be exhausting. But there’s a solution. With Zapof Forms, you can avoid unnecessary hassle by first checking for duplicates before they ever get submitted!

Cause of duplicate form submissions.

Here’s a typical example of how you might experience a problem with form duplicates.

It’s Friday afternoon at the end of the semester. You send email to your students reminding them to submit student satisfaction form. Some may have done so and do not remember if they have submitted the form. So they submit the form for the second time.

Email notifications come in. You think, “Great, they have submitted the forms.” But when you look at the submitted forms, you realize you have received the submission twice from some students!

Duplicate form submission prevention.

Zapof Forms makes it easy for you to stop form submission by enabling the no-duplicate setting on the question, such as email or student ID. Our form platform stops the user from submitting a form containing an answer to this question that has already been submitted before. Setting a question as a mandatory and unique field makes the answer to the question as the identity of the submitted form.

To enable the unique/no-duplicate setting, select the question and click the ‘Require unique/no-duplicate answer’ button. To remove the setting, click the button again.

An error message ‘Your submission contains data that has already been submitted.’ pops up when the submission is a duplicate. Each non-unique answer has a ‘duplicate value’ error flag.

Our form platform checks the answer in all submitted forms, including those in archive folder, except in trash. It’s that easy.

Zapof Forms no-duplicate field. A quick and easy way to add no-duplicate fields on a form.
Form submission with no-duplicate fields stops the user from submitting a form with answers that have been submitted before.

Benefits of no-duplicate form submission.

You can use the Zapof Forms no-duplicate field feature in any forms. You can also combine two or more no-duplicate fields, such as email and ID, to prevent multiple submissions with different emails from the same person. The following use cases give you the idea of how you can use no-duplicate fields in your business or organization.

  • Using email question as no-duplicate field, your customer satisfaction feedback is now unique. No more tedious job of sorting out the duplicates.
  • Using student or employee ID as no-duplicate and also a mandatory field, you can create a self-serve student or employee contact details or personal details.
  • Using claim ID question as no-duplicate field, your claim system is now much more robust. No more confusing back-and-forth conversation with the claimants to find out which claim is the right one.
Are you still manually sorting out duplicate form submissions? Get rid of the manual work that comes with dealing duplicate form submissions using Zapof Forms. Sign up for free now!

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