Email Notification When a Form is Submitted

Do you need to send registration confirmation, receipt, or important documents to the respondent when the respondent submits the form?

Zapof Forms provides facility to send email notification when the user submits the form
Customer engagement is the most effective way to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Engagement through email is one strategy to bolster your marketing opportunities. Emailing a message as simple as “Welcome” or “Thank you” message is essential for your customer engagement—yet many of us do not send them. Not having time and resources is the commonly cited reason for not sending email message—especially when the customers reach us through the non-direct point of contacts such as online forms.

Sending email messages when your customers submit forms is an excellent opportunity to start the engagement, as your customers have already taken the first step in establishing a relationship with your business. However, sending email messages whenever your customers submit forms is a challenging task. Online form submissions can happen anytime, even outside your operating hours, and to respond to them promptly may not be workable. There may also be too many form submissions that require resources well beyond what you will allocate.

Fortunately, our forms allow you to set up email notification so that emails are automatically sent whenever forms are submitted, or payment transactions are completed—you no longer need the extra time and resources to send email messages to your customers manually.

To set up the automated email notification, you only need to enable the form notification setting and provide your name and email address as the sender of the email message. You can customize the email message to suit your needs. The submitted form is attached as a PDF file, together with other file attachments you may provide.

Besides emailing message to the respondent, you can also automatically email notification with the submitted form attached as a PDF file to yourself when a form is submitted, or when payment is received so you can follow-up with your customer.

Try the following form and enter your name and email address. When the form is submitted, an email message with the submitted form attached as a PDF file is sent to the email address entered in the email field.

Summer Camp Feedback Form

We hope your child enjoy the programmes offered in our summer camp. We would love to hear any feedback regarding our programmes.

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How satisfied are you or your child with the following aspect of our summer camp?

We appreciate your feedback and we’d love to your child in our next year summer camp. Thank you!


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