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Receive information submission for every purpose efficiently and inexpensively with Zapof Forms.
Quick and easy.
Anyone without any technical skills can use our easy-to-use form builder to create, publish and share online forms in minutes. To help you get started, choose from hundreds of form templates to create your custom online forms, and you are good to go.

Limitless possibilities.
Zapof Forms provides 44 question types with many flexible options to create any form your business needs. It includes table or spreadsheet with over 270 built-in formulas in financial, statistic, engineering, text, date, logical and general categories to auto calculate cell values and to incorporate your business decision into the form. You can also add file upload, interactive online map, math equation, YouTube videos, images and your video clips to create content-rich and informative online forms.

Conditional logic.
To make filling up form easier, quicker and more intuitive or to incorporate your business logic into the forms, use conditional follow-up questions. To set up, select next questions to ask based on the answer to yes/no (checkbox), single/multi-choice, drop-down, response scale/rating or matrix type of question.

Multi-tabs forms.
To increase the sales, registration, or conversion of visitors to leads, you may group related questions into different sections. With Zapof  Forms, you can insert the multi-tabs or accordion widget into the form and add questions into each tab or accordion panel.

Notification and receipt.
To respond to orders or registrations as soon as your customers submit the form, you can set the form notification to send emails to your customers, yourself, or other email addresses. The notification email contains a receipt of the submission in PDF format.

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Accept credit/debit card or PayPal payment using Zapof Payment Gateway.
Online payment.
Accepting payment for your online order forms is easy. Set it up effortlessly in few simple steps, select Stripe credit/debit card, PayPal express checkout, or both as payment methods and configure the payment settings. Shipping, handling, and insurance fee and tax amount can be calculated using built-in formulas. Choose the payment forms from our form templates for your custom online order forms to get more orders and instant payments for your business.

Payment Voucher.
Start your product or service promotion with our Online Forms payment voucher facility to boost your sales and marketing campaign. You can provide your target customers with a single-use voucher or generic vouchers to use during checkout. You can choose an on-going promotion or a limited time interval.

Conditional payment.
Do you know that more than half of online orders were abandoned without ever being completed? If your goal is somewhere in between generating leads and accepting payment, it is always a good idea to make payment optional. Zapof Forms allow you to enable conditional payment for your forms.

Provide a checkbox for the respondents to indicate whether they want to submit with or without the payment. You can also use formula or conditional logic for the form to automatically determines whether payment is required. E.g., you can set a conditional logic that only requires payment if premium products or services are selected.

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Provide an online facility for your customers to subscribe to your products and services.
Subscription and recurring payment.
Saving time and cost and providing convenience for your customers should be high on your priority list. If you need to receive a recurring payment for your products and services, you can offer your customers to subscribe online to process recurring payments automatically. Your customers no longer need to keep in mind when the bill is due, and they don't need to put effort and spend time sending payment to you. You are always paid on time, and your customers have one less task to worry.
Flexible payment plan.
To provide better payment experience to your customers and to increase your revenue, add flexible recurring payment plan using formulas into your forms to determine the billing amount and frequency. You can set a fixed payment plan or flexible payment plan where your customer can select the products and services and choose the billing frequency that suits their need. To see an example of how you can customize your subscription payment plan, visit Subscription Payment for Online Forms.

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Provide forms for all devices your customers use.
Responsive forms.
Zapof Forms automatically adjust the layout and dimension of the elements to make the forms look good on all devices (desktop, tablet, and phones).  You only create a single form for all devices. It's that simple.

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Give your customers a better experience with pleasantly presented forms.
Not only can you have functional forms, but you can also make beautiful online form designs. Use tiled patterns or image as background and choose fonts from more than 800 beautifully crafted webfonts to make filling up your forms a pleasant experience for everyone. Select the color theme for the page from over 100 themes to suit your preference.

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