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Zapof Form Builder turns complex form creation tasks into simple steps of adding questions and web elements and choosing their settings.

Zapof Form Builder - simple to use, fast and powerful form builder to create online forms in minutes.

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Limitless possibilities

Include spreadsheet with 500+ built-in functions to your forms and add formulas to calculate numbers, evaluate logic, and process answers—to create online forms that work for you and your users!

Verified and trusted partner of Stripe and PayPal, Zapof lets you choose payment option in a few simple steps, provide vouchers, and you're on your way to receiving payment online. It's super quick and easy.

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Maximum flexibilities

Choose from 48 element types, from input text to complex elements such as spreadsheet, signature, interactive map, and responsive container, to create forms and build your site the way you want it.

To cater to all kinds of users with unique set of answers, add some conditional logics to show different questions for different answers. It feels more fun and 'smarter'.

Boundless Creativity

With free hundreds of thousands of high quality images, thousands of beautifully crafted fonts and hundreds of color themes, unleash your inner artistic and creative spirit!


Simple, fast and it just works!

With modern design and simplicity in mind and hundreds of free professional templates to choose from, bring your best ideas and goals to life.

Using only the fastest page rendering technology and powered by the premium global content delivery network, we give your users and site visitors blazing fast performance wherever in the world!

Simple to use, fast and powerful form and site builder.

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