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Do functionality and practicality always sacrifice the aesthetic of the form?

In designing a site or forms, the designer has several factors to consider: functionality, usability (or lack thereof), practicality, and aesthetic. Undoubtedly, the functionality, usability, and practicality are at the top of the agenda when designing a site or forms. However, one cannot ignore the importance of the aesthetic aspect of the site or forms. The artistic design brings up the emotional side of the visitors, and sometimes, the aesthetic design is the factor that keeps site visitors engaged and connected to the site. For example, a birthday party organizer wants a design of the site or forms with a cheerful theme to bring up the visitor’s excitement and joyful feeling.

With Zapof forms, you do not need to be an expert in graphics and artistic design. Our form builder is simple to use and we provide over 100 carefully composed color themes, thousands of beautifully crafted fonts, and hundreds of thousands of high quality background images for free.

Birthday Party Registration Form

Full Name:

Phone Number:

Mobile Number:

Email Address:

Birthday Child’s Name:


Date of Birth:

Preferred Party Date & Time:

Select Party Theme:

Select Party Package:


A $50 deposit is required to book a Party.

Non-refundable deposit$50.00

The above form is copied from our template collection: Birthday Party Registration Form.

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