No More Drab Forms: Try Out a Conversational Style!

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The days of filling out a long, complicated form are over. Instead of traditional forms, you can now use conversational style to make your forms more engaging and user-friendly. We introduce Zapof Forms conversational forms and we provide helpful tips on how to design them. From making your forms easier to read, to creating an enjoyable experience for users, conversational style can be just what you need to make your forms stand out.

What is conversational style?

Conversational form design is a new way to make your forms more user-friendly. Conversational style focuses on how your forms are designed and how you can make your forms easier to read, understand, and fill out.

The conversational style form is a good choice when you have an unusually long form. Some people find it easier to answer the questions one at a time and see the results of their answers immediately instead of having to wait for the entire form to be completed. It also allows you to break the form up into logical chunks. If you have a long form that is mostly text fields, try using the conversational style so people don’t feel overwhelmed by all the empty spaces they see.

How do I use conversational style? It’s easy! Just remember these useful tips:

Think about how people talk. Are you writing in the way you speak? How would you say what is on your form to your friend? Use short sentences and words.

Keep your sentences to five or fewer words.

Keep your paragraphs short. Break up long paragraphs into two or three shorter paragraphs.

With these tips in hands, create your form as you would for a normal form. Add text input fields, choices, and other fields to suit your needs. The conversational style form asks each question on a separate page and the page transitions to the next as the user clicks the next arrow button or presses the right arrow key.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. So, let us show you in this video clip how a conversational style form works.

One more thing, how about creating a payment form with an order table that calculates discounts and the total payment? How does it work in conversational style form? Not to worry, we got that covered too. Let's see how it works in the following video.

Wait, one last thing. Conversational style form asks one question at a time, how about if I want to ask multiple questions on a single page? Of course, you would've asked that, and we've got that too. Find out in this last video. We promise this is the last video to watch.

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