Converts a binary number to octal.



returns text representing a octal number, given binarynumber, which may be text, or a number containing only digits 1 and 0 (thus the number appears to be binary although it is not).
binarynumber may have up to ten bits in two's complement representation; positive numbers are 0 to 111111111 (nine bits representing 0 to 511 decimal) and negative numbers 1111111111 to 1000000000 (ten bits representing -1 to -512 decimal)
If binarynumber is negative, BIN2OCT returns ten octal digits, representing the octal number in two's complement form.


returns 14 as text.
returns 14 as text. The number 1100 has only 1 and 0 digits, and may be read as binary.
BIN2OCT("1100", 3)
returns 014 as text. A leading zero is added to make 3 digits.
returns 7777777776 as text (two's complement representation of decimal -2).

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