How to Embed a Form on an External Website

Zapof Forms protects your IFRAME from Clickjacking attack where the attacker embeds your form into the attacker's site and adds a transparency layer on top of the form. Your user cannot see the transparent layer on top of the submit button, so when the user clicks the submit button, she/he actually clicks the transparent layer that belongs to the attacker. The attacker "hijacks" clicks meant for the form and route them to another page. By providing the domain name of your website, Zapof Forms only displays the form when the form is embedded on your website.

To embed a form as an IFRAME to your website:
  1. While you are editing the form, click the ‘Share’ button.
  2. Enter the domain name of your website (without http or https) such as
  3. Click the ‘Show Code.’ button.
  4. Click the ‘Copy Code to Clipboard.’ button.
  5. Paste the code on your website page editor.

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