Returns the type of value (number, text, etc.).


Returns the type of value as a number: 1 = number, 2 = text, 4 = logical value, 8 = formula, 16 = error value, 64 = array.
If a cell contains both an error and a formula, 16 (error value) is returned.
A blank cell is classed as a number here, and 1 is returned.


where cell C2 contains dog returns 2, because dog is text.
where cell C3 contains =NA() returns 16, because NA() returns the error value #N/A.

returns 64
{=TYPE(A1:B1)} entered as an array formula in cells A3:B3
returns 64 in cells A3:B3 (whatever the contents of cells A1 and B1), as A1:B1 is an internal array in the array formula.
TYPE(A1:B1) entered as a normal formula in both cells A3 and B3
returns TYPE(A1) in cell A3, and TYPE(B1) in cell B3. Here Calc finds the row/column intersection of the formula cell with range A1:B1, to determine a reference to the single cell to examine.
TYPE(D1), where D1:D2 contain the array formula {={4;2}}
returns 8. Here the result is for D1's content, which although part of an array is not the array itself.

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