How to create a poll or conversational style form

Zapof Forms supports conversational style form. Conversational style form, or poll mode form, is suitable for a survey. The form asks each question on a separate page.

Creating a poll mode form is not different from creating a form. To make a form as a poll:
  1. Click the 'Title and Settings' button on the left toolbar.
  2. Enable the 'Poll mode' option.
  3. Choose the transition effect that animates the transition from to the next. No transition is the default.
  4. A conversational style form without a front page starts with the first question or element. To add a front page, click the 'Customize Poll Front Page' button.

    To access the front page while editing the form, click the ‘Section’ button on the top toolbar and choose ‘Poll Front Page Section’ menu.

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