Don’t miss out: easy way to collect recurring payment

Zapof Forms no-code recurring payment integration helps you collect subscription payment in minutes

If you run an online business, you’re probably familiar with forms that require users to enter their email addresses or other personal information in order to sign up for services or paid subscription. And, of course, you always want people to sign up for your products and services as quickly as possible—which is why it’s important to collect recurring subscription payments securely and efficiently.

Collecting recurring subscription payments can be a challenge. Most of us who don’t want to code or develop integration with the merchant bank, collecting recurring fee used to be difficult if not impossible. Not anymore with Zapof Forms.

Zapof Forms can help you create a simple, flexible billing that will make collecting payments easy. You can accept the recurring subscription fee with no coding at all. You can create an online form that will allow your customers to sign up for recurring subscriptions with just a few clicks. This eliminates the need to process payments manually each month and makes it easy for your customers to keep their subscriptions up-to-date. Zapof Forms also helps us create a form with flexible recurring payment interval such as in days, weeks, months or years. Plus, the setup process is quick and easy, so you can focus on growing your business.

Zapof form builder is a powerful tool to tackle complex business requirements. It has the features that can handle recurring payments and conditional logic and they are essential for businesses that need to manage orders and subscriptions. Being able to create flexible subscription and complex order tables is another important feature for businesses that offers choices to customers. Zapof Forms with all of these features is sure to make life a lot easier for any business.

Zapof is a verified Stripe partner, and we have done all the tough part of integrating Stripe API to accept subscription payment. What we offer is a no-code subscription payment integration to our online forms. You can start offering paid subscription for your products and services and receive recurring fee today!

Setting up subscription payment is quick and easy. Our form builder also provide built-in spreadsheet with Excel compatible functions to tackle all demanding business requirements. With our vast library of question types and elements, table that supports many data types, and conditional logic using Excel compatible functions, we provide your business with the right tools to offer rewarding subscription services to your customers and to increase customers’ loyalty.

Is this just mumbo jumbo marketing stuff? We let you see for yourself in the following video, how we can create a subscription form that lets subscriber to choose the billing frequence and gives discounts based on subscriber’s selection.

We use a magazine subscription form as an example. We give more discounts when the subscriber chooses more magazines. To top it off, we give an even bigger discount for longer subscription. That’s one way to reward customer loyalty!

Created with Zapof