Converts a decimal number to binary.


DEC2BIN(number, numdigits)

returns a binary number as text, given the decimal number, which must be between -512 and 511 inclusive, and may be text or a number.
The output is a binary number with up to ten bits in two's complement representation; positive numbers are 0 to 111111111 (nine bits representing 0 to 511 decimal) and negative numbers 1111111111 to 1000000000 (ten bits representing -1 to -512 decimal).
numdigits is an optional number specifying the number of digits to return.


returns 1001 as text.
returns 1001 as text. DEC2BIN will accept a decimal number given as text.
DEC2BIN(9, 8)
returns 00001001 as text. Leading zeroes have been added to make 8 diigts.
returns 1111111110 as text.

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