How to add multiple questions on a single page of a poll

Zapof Forms supports conversational style form or poll mode. The form asks each question on a separate page. If a page needs to have multiple questions and elements such as contact details (first name, last name and email), we use a container (multi tabs, multi columns, or expansion container).

To put multiple questions or elements on a single page in poll mode:
  1. Click 'Add Questions & Elements' button on the left toolbar.
  2. Search for multicolumn and click the 'Add' button.
  3. Click the 'Add a column' button on the container element's toolbar.
  4. Click the column handle, which is a thick horizontal line on the multi-column container.
  5. Click 'Add Questions & Elements' button on the left toolbar and add the question such as a single-line text for the first name field.
  6. Repeat step 5 for other fields.
Convert the form into a conversational style form:
  1. Click the title and settings button on the left toolbar.
  2. Enable the ‘Poll mode’ option.
  3. Choose the transition effect that animates the transition from to the next. No transition is the default.
  4. A conversational style form without a front page starts with the first question or element. To add a front page, click the ‘Customize Poll Front Page’ button.

    To access the front page while editing the form, click the ‘Section’ button on the top toolbar and choose ‘Poll Front Page Section’ menu.

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