We're passionate about building the next generation
of fast and powerful form and website for everyone

Zapof provides a simple to use application platform to create fast and powerful forms and websites for businesses, professionals, and everyone else to generate more leads, collect registration data, accept online payment and establish impactful web presence.

An online form isn't just for data collection anymore. The fast changing demands of our users require forms to be flexible and 'smart'—able to calculate numbers and evaluate logics.

Our team tackles the challenges by combining spreadsheet functionality into our forms. Data field such as total payment can use a formula to calculate its value based on user's input. Different questions may follow the answer to a question using a formula to evaluate the conditional logic.

Zapof partners with payment service providers—Stripe and PayPal—to let you receive payment on your forms. Zapof payment gateway is secure and reliable, and in a few simple steps you are ready to receive online payments!

The devices that access the internet come in different sizes. We make it easy for you to create only one design, and our forms and web pages automatically provide a suitable layout for all kinds of screen sizes.

Zapof gives you the power and flexibility to create forms, receive payments and build your amazing website. Sign up now for free to see how you can achieve the result that you want.