Importance of Providing Downloadable Receipt or Copy of Submission for Online Form
Do you accept payment for your products and services through online forms and you need to provide a receipt? Do you also need to give a copy of the submitted form to your customers?


Most businesses understand the importance of an excellent customer service specifically to enhance sales. However, excellent customer service should not end once the products or services are sold. It is always a good practice for any businesses to provide a receipt as a proof of purchase for products and services that are sold to the customers online or through a brick and mortar shop. Having the official receipts from your business, your customers enjoy the extra benefits of:
- keeping transaction records for their financial statements,
- being able to return the defective product and ask for a refund,
- and being able to make tax deduction.
If you sell your products and services through online forms, the receipt should be downloadable in a format that is widely used such as PDF format.

Many online services do not require payment such as event registration, feedback form, and claim form. Providing a downloadable copy of the submitted forms is useful for your customers when the submitted forms contain essential information that your customers subsequently refer. Providing a copy of the submitted registration form that includes date and venue of the event can be of great help to your customers.

To allow your customers to download the receipt or copy of the submitted form using our online forms, you only need to enable the download setting in the form builder. To provide better user experience, the PDF copy of the form submission  has the same look and feel (fonts, backgrounds, color, and layout) as the online form itself.

In this example of Magazine Subscription Form, the form respondent can download the receipt after payment is completed. To try the payment, you can use the test card numbers, such as 4242424242424242, any three-digit CVC code, any expiration date in the future, any billing ZIP code, such as 42424.

The submitted and paid Conference Registration Form:

The downloaded receipt in PDF format (page 1):


The downloaded receipt in PDF format (page 2):