Increase Sales, Registrations, and Conversions of Visitors to Leads using Multi-tabs forms

What do you do with a long form that has many questions?

Before we decide what to do with a long form, we need to understand the drawbacks of a very long form. A long form intimidates the respondents because it gives the impression that it requires much effort to complete. Like most of us, we abandon completing the form when we feel we don’t want to spend such an effort.

Putting many questions in a long form from top to bottom can cause the respondent feeling lost because the device’s viewport can only show a limited number of questions. Although grouping the questions into separate sections, each with its header may help the respondent navigates through the questions; the headers may not always be visible when the respondent scrolls. 

Borneosoft Online Forms help you group related questions into separate section horizontally using multi-tab or vertically using the accordion widget. The multi-tab or accordion only shows a single panel at any point in time. The following screenshots show form with multi-tabs and another with an accordion widget (click the image thumbnail to see the full size screenshot).

Borneosoft multi-tab and accordion widgets bring the following benefits to your customer.

Reducing Cognitive Overload
Each group of related questions is now within a separate tab or accordion panel. The user can go to different tab or accordion panel without scrolling. The tab or accordion header’s title helps the user to know where to find the questions related to the header’s title.

Giving Sense of Simplicity
Answering the questions in each tab is quicker for the users because the users already have the idea of what information is required by looking at the tab or accordion header’s title.

Increasing the Conversions of Visitors to Leads
You can increase the conversion of your site visitors to leads, by cleverly beginning with the tab with more straightforward questions and lower commitment and ending with the tab with questions that ask for a final commitment, such as agreeing to the payment amount or subscribing to your company newsletter.

Simplifying the Task to Fill Up the Form
For a form with many questions in a single page, there is nothing more annoying than finding out that we have not filled some mandatory questions when we try to submit the form. Using our Online Forms, you can instruct the form to prevent next tab access until all mandatory questions in the current and previous tabs are answered. By the time the user completes the final tab, all mandatory questions must have already been answered.

The following links are live examples of forms with multi-tab and accordion widget.