Boost Your Sales and Marketing Campaign with Payment Voucher

Are you looking for payment solution with a facility to accept the discount voucher to drive your sales?


Payment voucher is one of the marketing tools that every business uses to increase orders and generate more sales by:

  • attracting new customers,
  • creating new sales from existing customers,
  • targeting specific customer segments with special discount vouchers,
  • encouraging undecided customers to purchase using the discount voucher during the limited time promotion,
  • and creating more website traffic by putting the coupons on your site.
Borneosoft Online Forms provides a payment gateway with the ability to accept vouchers. You can use the formula to calculate the discount as a percentage of total payment, shipping fee, or as a fixed amount.

You can set up your marketing campaign with a limited number of vouchers or limited time promotional period.

Add the vouchers’ codes to the form where you accept the payment and the discount voucher and distributes the coupons to your customers. When your customer enters the voucher code, the form automatically deducts the discount from the total payment.

In this example of Uniform Order Form, use voucher code THANKS-10 to get a 10% discount. To try the payment in this demo, you can use the test card numbers, such as 4242424242424242, any three-digit CVC code, any expiration date in the future, any billing ZIP code, such as 42424.

In this video clip, the customer enters the voucher code THANKS-10, and a 10% discount is deducted from the total payment.